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Welcome to Tre Donne
We are a small family company operating from the hamlet of Giappicchini in the Niccone Valley.
Over the last 10 years, following organic principles and listening closely to the land, we have embarked on several projects which we believe have added to the strength of the environment and are in harmony with nature.
We now have over 6,000 lavender plants under cultivation and are successfully producing lavender oil and related products.
We have a charming garden combining the best of Italian and English gardening principles.
We are slowly converting some previously untended woodland into an agroforestry project. Here we are producing a balanced eco-system which when established will, with little labour, produce useful traditional harvests.
We would like to share our experiences with you here on our website and give you an opportunity to purchase our products.
Annie, Sandra and Kate
Please contact us to find out more about the Tre Donne project:
Tel: (0039) 338 9457512
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