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Agroforestry Project

Previously untended woodland is also being converted slowly into an agro-forestry project. The idea behind it is to use as much woodland produce as possible, either to eat or to make something.  It helps to think of a forest or a piece of woodland as having layers starting underground and going upwards, in this case to the high nitrogen fixing Italian alders which help create a self sustaining, organic environment. Unlike conventional agriculture or ornamental gardening the eco-system is in balance and when established needs little labour for it to produce harvests. Harvests can include willow for baskets, nuts and berries from a variety of shrubs, salad vegetables and funghi grown deliberately in old wood. This area of woodland will also generate a range of new oils from plants cultivated in distinct areas of the low maintenance, but maintained, project. Seed beds have often been dormant for years in untended woodland; as these emerge, literally, into sunlight, and grow in the new open spaces, Annie will document the changes in the ecosystem to have a record of local biodiversity.


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