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The Garden

Annie and Sandra have created a garden in Giappicchini from a field attached to their house. Built on solid principles of garden design it skilfully combines the best of Italian and English gardening principles. Like the best garden it has good bones, fleshed out with imaginative use of locally available plant stock and suitable imports. Bringing plants by plane or by car has had its challenges over the last decade; when they have arrived, to add insult to the injury of travel, the extremes of temperature in summer and winter means only those which will finally flourish survive. Now in spring the garden explodes into colour with long white wisteria clad walkways; in summer local and English roses provide perfume and flowers for months on end. Homage is paid to Vita Sackville West’s white garden at Sissinghurst with a long white border at its best in June.

Part of the garden’s aromatic charm is the extensive use of local lavender. Walk down the main path in summer and your legs will brush against the long flower heads releasing into the air the ancient perfume beloved of the original Romans.


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